sweet memory

Can you guess which is me?

This is my favourite picture of me and my sis, Qunnie. I guess we must have been about 1-2 years old. Both of us have been living in different parts of the world since we were teenagers. I lived far far away in the Southern hemisphere for over 12 years whilst she was in America.

My sis recently got married to a lovely husband that spoils her rotten! I don't do too bad either considering the amount of pressies that I get from them throughout the year.

Growing up, a lot of friends from school didn't know we had a sister since we went to different schools and don't look much alike at all. Thanks to Skype, we now get to 'see' each other and chat on a regular basis. Her and the husband may finally visit us in Spring next year. It will be so much fun!

PS: Stay tuned for a more recent pic of us together.