beautiful Croatia

We had a camping vacation in Croatia back in Summer 2009 but I somehow never shared the pictures on my blog. The gorgeous warm weather today reminded me the lovely time we had in Croatia. We visited a few cities during the 10 day visit, the trip started at Pula with a hired car. Pula is the biggest town in Istria with the Roman amphitheater, which commonly known as the Roman Arena.  

We only stayed at hotels for the first and final night but camped at some truly beautiful areas we stopped along the way. Croatia's main tourist attraction is its beaches. The Adriatic coast and islands are lined with amazing beaches, with countless bays, ports and marinas. It was there we experienced the naturist beach for the first time. There are normally signs around marked as "FKK". 

The other cities we visited were Split and Zadar. The former is an ancient port city with Roman ruins and where Zadar attracts a large amount of yachting tourism with its charming beaches and promenades. My favourite place was the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest in Croatia, also well known for its turquoise lakes arranged in cascades. There are apparently 16 lakes can be seen from the surface. I love it simply because it is a paradise for walkers and nature lovers. The lakes are so clean and luminous that you would want to jump right in but unfortunately swimming is strictly forbidden!

It was such a long time ago that we visited Croatia but I do remember the food was rather delicious and I couldn't help visiting the local fruit stall daily. I think early September is the best time to visit as there will be less tourists, temperature is between 25 and 20 degrees Celsius during the day and much cooler in the evening. 


even the ordinary can be extraordinary

even the ordinary can be extraordinary

My husband and I adore our little girl beyond measure. She is capable of giving so much but only ask for very little in return. This month posts will be dedicated to beauty in life, in detail and in the ordinary.
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