presentation day . fawn

Milou had her second drama class presentation day on Saturday. The theme was enchanted forest and she totally enjoyed dressing up as a fawn. 


ninja daddy

Happy Father's Day! 

Thank you for being our ninja daddy 
and love us beyond all measure. 

We Iove you! xo


1st birthday . marceau

Marceau, you are super awesome
I am so lucky because I get to be your mummy
One day you will outgrow my lap, 
But never my heart

I love you! xo


1st birthday . family

My family . Just the right mix of chaos and love
They are my sun, my moon and all of my stars


1st birthday . pass the parcel

Marceau's first pass the parcel and had fun ripping off the wrapping paper.

1st birthday . castle

My sweet little prince had fun in his castle.


1st birthday . bubbles

Happiness is catching bubbles all day long.


1st birthday . birthday boy

Birthday boy. I can't believe this picture was taken from six months ago. Marceau has achieved since then:

                        -  he now runs everywhere!
                        -  can do simple signing such as thank you, please, down and spider
                        -  uses utensils to feed himself
                        -  can say daddy, mummy, jie jie (big sis), the dogs' names, gou gou (dog)
                        -  bear-hug is his specialty
                        -  enjoys reading 
                        -  loves dinosaurs and Lego
                        -  weighs 10.62 kg
                        -  82.5cm in height
                        -  has 12 teeth
                        -  broccoli, cheese, tomatoes, pork bone soup, waffles are his favourite food
                        -  likes tickling big sister
                        -  dances like there is no tomorrow


1st birthday . old vermont burnt sugar cake with popcorn and maple syrup frosting

My sweet lil boy just turned 18 months old a few days ago. It doesn't seem that long ago we celebrated his first birthday. When there is a birthday, there must be a homemade birthday cake!



It is amazing to watch when every little thing is new and fascinating for them. Everyday is a new discovery.

sick day

I think every mum wishes they could use a magic wand to make their babies well again in a flash. 


Milou asked to have her face painted for the very first time at the annual Aquadrome festival. Of course, puppy was on the top of the list.