welcome to the world Milou ♥

Milou Chevelle Miles
1.12pm | 15.01.2013 | 7lbs 8ozs | 52cm
Picture taken at 4 days new

James and I have taken the parenthood plunge!

We are proud parents to a beautiful girl, Milou and still can't believe our good fortune even though it has been 2 weeks. It seems like we were just watching her kick and roll around inside my belly or touching her little foot under my skin not long ago; and now we have this sweet little girl right in front of us.

It is crazy how quickly the time passes; the clockwork of changing diapers, dealing with the feeding schedule, dressing and play time. It is amazing how much she changes every day. I often linger around her cot just in case I miss a cute facial expression or sound. 

I still haven't got over the fact that this wonderful creature is ours - FOR KEEPS! I love this new mum job and wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

Welcome to the world Milou ~ Love Mummy and Daddy xo