wall of fame

I have been reluctant to change the pictures on our wall because each picture has a story to tell that is very personal to us.  Milou seems to think a few of them are actually Marceau. They do indeed look very much alike. My little project is to update this wall for the next few weeks when our new kitchen is being fitted. 


king of the castle

Here is a few little fun facts about this little smiler:

*    weighs nearly 19 pounds!
*    loves Salmon, avocado, celery, green beans, berries and banana
*    giggles to anything big sis does or says
*    got his first tooth yesterday!
*    first word was 'off' and can say 'mama'  (YES!!)

My king of the castle turned eight months old yesterday! You will always be my baby. Mummy loves you very much! xo 


make a wish

My wish is simple. I wish for you, my little girl that you will find the path of your dreams, live the life you imagine and enjoy every moment along the way. Mummy will always be there for you.