La Plagne 30.03 ~ 03.04

I am very fortunate to have found someone who shares the same passion for snowboarding. James and I always try to have a bit of powder action once a year, a different resort each year. It was a bit of a late one for us this year, we were waiting for the best Spring conditions. La Plagne was our final choice this time and what a fantastic resort! We were so lucky that our little wishes before the trip came true, it snowed the whole day and night on the day we arrived and a few more times during the week. 

We stayed at Chalet Florence and were looked after really well with cooked breakfast every morning, freshly baked cake and bread ready for us after a hard day on the slope and later a 3 course dinner. The chalet was only occupied by us and another family of four whom we got on very well. We spent the first few days exploring the resort with the Shepherds and some serious Jenga tower building competitions. The perk of being the first ones to book, we got to choose this room with a Jacuzzi bath which was used daily and definitely helped soothe our muscles and joint pain. My sister still questions every time we go away as to why we put our bodies through so much grief. I guess that's the price we are willing to pay when you are passionate about something.

Our lift pass entitled us to explore the near by resort, Les Arcs. We went on the spectacular Vanoise Express, which is a double decker cable car between the Les Arcs and La Plagne. It always looks so much closer on the piste map! We didn't allow ourselves enough time to explore the whole resort and nearly missed the last chair lift to get back. However, we had some of the best off piste powder experience there. I was giggling the whole time when going between trees like a kid on a playground!

For those who follow my tweets, you would have seen a picture of my lunch at this fabulous restaurant on the slope. We had lunch at L'Arpette for most days as their lunch portion was big and super delicious. The plat de jour was my favourite, there were juicy lamb chops, flavoursome French sausage with dauphinoise potatoes plus many other yummy dishes.

Our last day on the slope was a relaxing one with gorgeous sunshine. I spent a bit of time taking pictures on top of the mountain at the glacier and James doing jumps at the snow park. We both had a fabulous time on this trip and I came back with big Panda eyes souvenir. =)