dreaming about lavender fields
strolling in the warm Summer Sun
the wonderful scent all around
there's nowhere she rather be

Happy Birthday, mummy. We miss you more than ever! xo


marlon is two

When I see you, my eyes turn into little hearts. You may only be two years old but you make me laugh, you make me proud, you hug me tight, you make me cry and you keep me going strong. I admire your heart, I cherish your hugs and kisses, I adore your smile, I love that you are fearless, adventurous and cheeky. You are super awesome and I am so lucky that you are mine.

Wishing you the happiest of happy birthdays! I love you, my sweet lil Marlon. Mama xo


my mummy, my hero

My mummy was a gentle soul and had the biggest heart. She always went out of her way to help others, be it family, friends or local faces; no matter what. She gave so much but never asked for anything in return. The best reward for her was when people enjoyed her delicious home cooked meals. I remember it well that she used to watch me eat when I was a kid and the little smile on her face from time to time. I now understand why since I have become a mum myself.
Mum was born in 1951. She grew up with her parents, two younger brothers and sister in a small town, Beaufort, which is located in Sabah, Malaysia. The beautiful Land Below the Wind! She always said she loved Sabah and we finally brought her home early this month. 
She was an early bird and always so efficient, she would have breakfast and lunches all prepared and washings plus some chores around the house all done by seven in the morning. Mum had a great interest in cooking; we were lucky to have all sort of wonderful meals prepared by mum. I was never thrilled to be dragged along to the cooking classes she attended growing up but changed my mind very quickly when I got to be the guinea pig to sample the delicious food she created. 
She always emphasized the importance of good education to us all and therefore worked extremely hard to send us abroad for further education. She might not have a university degree but she gave us important lessons in life. We learnt to be independent, caring, hard working, love unconditionally, respect the elders and have passion in what we do. These values have made me who I am today and I thank her so very, very much.
I will always remember our Chinese New Year together. She would let us chose the new outfits and shoes to buy, gave us a red envelope filled with new crisp money on the first day of New Year, she was always under control in the kitchen cooking up a storm for all the family and relatives. I will treasure the wonderful feeling of us all being together.
She loved to travel and see the world. I am glad we were able to share some lovely travel experiences together. I will always remember the day we brought her to the alps, she just got out of the chair lift and had the biggest grin and excitement on her face that I never seen before. She witnessed people on their skis and snowboards for the very first time! She also had her first snow ball fight in her life!
She was brought up in a Chinese traditional family, where the word love was never said to each other. However, she learnt and adapted so she would tell all her grandchildren often how much she loved them and missed them. Even up until her very last few weeks, she would try to give the grandchildren hugs regardless how frail she was. 
She was an incredibly determined and proud woman, who believed that there ware no obstacles that could not be overcome. She even learnt how to sign ‘I love you’ to the grandchildren.
Mummy, thank you for everything you had given us; and the wonderful memories we shared during our precious time together. She will be missed by all but her memory will live on in us all forever. I love you so much, mummy and will miss you more than words can say.



Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.

milou is six

She said she's not ready to be six on the night before her birthday.

Happy Birthday
My adorable
very sensible
and super awesome 
baby girl

We love you! xo


super hero

Why fit in when you were born to standout? Be your own super hero!

little world

The day we found a new secret garden, she was the queen in her little world.



first playmate
partner in crime
teller of stories
builder of forts
hunter of treasures
keeper of secrets
someone you can always count on
 best friend for life



be free . explore . let's nature be your teacher


morning light

My morning light, my everything
My day is brighter because of you


hello 2019

I believe something wonderful is going to happen. Happy 2019! xo


the most wonderful time

It's truly the most wonderful time of the year, when we can all eat, drink ad be merry! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead. xo


last day...

Today you were so excited to show me your guitar after school. We took our time and wandered to our favourite spot. Your little fingers were busy strumming on the guitar and you were dancing as if you were dreaming with your tiny feet. Those little fingers and tiny feet are growing, it seems you were so small and new just yesterday. These memories of your last day as a three year old will always tucked deep in my heart.


... a kiss

The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from your baby.


teeny tiny

These teeny tiny toes have made such a big impact on my heart. I often wonder where they will go in their lifetime, may love will always follow wherever they go.


birthday week . marceau

My baby boy is going to be FOUR this week! There he was looking so perfect at three weeks old. 


first day . marceau

It's been far too long since my last post! Back in March, we moved from our little house of nearly ten years to our dream house with abundance of space in the garden for our babes to run about. It definitely had been an eventful eight months! There had been many obstacles, hard work, tears and quarrels along the way. In the time being, the kiddies and fur babies are growing up quickly and need our attention more than ever. The extra space has allowed us to spend some quality time with each other.

I can't believe the Summer break came and gone but there are still plenty on the list of things we wanted to do. However, we did manage to have plenty of playdates with some great friends, swimming three or four times a week, fun outings, lots of art and crafts and even a little road trip adventure to North of Wales. It certainly had been a fun-filled six weeks for us all; some wonderful memories that we will treasure for a very long time.

Marceau really surprised us with his recent development into a little artist and became more focus. He had been asking ever since the school broke up when he would be back at school. When I suggested in making little gifts for his teachers, he was more than enthusiastic! Here he is with the flowers he made and eager to give them to his favourite teachers on his first day of school 2018-2019. He is such a sweet little soul, has the biggest and kindest heart that I know. He is capable of amazing things and I am proud to be his Mama! 

We love you, Marceau! xo


a little

hold him a little longer
hug him a little more
he is only a little boy for a little while


the apple of my eyes

you will always be the apple of our eyes
and have you hidden under the shadows of my wings


sweet dream

Sweet dream 寶寶 ... I can't wait to see you when you wake up.