first day . marceau

It's been far too long since my last post! Back in March, we moved from our little house of nearly ten years to our dream house with abundance of space in the garden for our babes to run about. It definitely had been an eventful eight months! There had been many obstacles, hard work, tears and quarrels along the way. In the time being, the kiddies and fur babies are growing up quickly and need our attention more than ever. The extra space has allowed us to spend some quality time with each other.

I can't believe the Summer break came and gone but there are still plenty on the list of things we wanted to do. However, we did manage to have plenty of playdates with some great friends, swimming three or four times a week, fun outings, lots of art and crafts and even a little road trip adventure to North of Wales. It certainly had been a fun-filled six weeks for us all; some wonderful memories that we will treasure for a very long time.

Marceau really surprised us with his recent development into a little artist and became more focus. He had been asking ever since the school broke up when he would be back at school. When I suggested in making little gifts for his teachers, he was more than enthusiastic! Here he is with the flowers he made and eager to give them to his favourite teachers on his first day of school 2018-2019. He is such a sweet little soul, has the biggest and kindest heart that I know. He is capable of amazing things and I am proud to be his Mama! 

We love you, Marceau! xo