sweet memory

Can you guess which is me?

This is my favourite picture of me and my sis, Qunnie. I guess we must have been about 1-2 years old. Both of us have been living in different parts of the world since we were teenagers. I lived far far away in the Southern hemisphere for over 12 years whilst she was in America.

My sis recently got married to a lovely husband that spoils her rotten! I don't do too bad either considering the amount of pressies that I get from them throughout the year.

Growing up, a lot of friends from school didn't know we had a sister since we went to different schools and don't look much alike at all. Thanks to Skype, we now get to 'see' each other and chat on a regular basis. Her and the husband may finally visit us in Spring next year. It will be so much fun!

PS: Stay tuned for a more recent pic of us together.


last one standing

It was a bit of an unusual foggy day we had today. Since I attempted foggy landscape photography in the past without much luck, I quickly grabbed my gear and run out the door after breakfast this morning. 

have had the Nikon 105mm marco lens for several weeks now and it had been dying to come out and play. So today was the best opportunity really when it was too foggy to get a decent landscape shot. I quickly turned my attention to the very last few of Autumn leaves that were still hanging off the branches. 

There are a few big square Ikea photo frames on our wall in the lounge and still have no pictures in them since we put them up 6 months ago! I had troubles finding a picture (out of my 10,000+ collection) that I could crop in a square format and like. I have a feeling this could be a strong contender. 


sleeping beauty

Every time I look at this little sleeping beauty, it makes me feel calm even though I am not a religious person. October was very hectic month and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down before Christmas. 

I guess everyone is on the same boat, trying to cramp in as much as possible before end of the year. However, you should always try to carve out sometime each day just for 'yourself'. It can be anything from 5 minutes to as long as your schedule will allow! 'My time' often involves listening to one of my favourite tunes or going for a walk in an open field and just breath in the fresh air.

We are often under pressure on a daily basis that we take our breathing for granted. Slowing your breathing is such a simple way to relax yourself. There is no trick to it, really! 

Get out there and enjoy the beautiful Autumn colours!