princess is six

at Biscarrosse, France

This sweet little girl turned six yesterday! We took her and the rest of the family for a walk to the Aquadrome, her favourite place. Princess is our first love and has a very special place in our hearts since we brought her home at 8 weeks old. She is ever so gentle, loves her walks and cuddling up to us on the couch. 

We love you very much P! xoxo


thank you for watching me grow

This year has flown by so quickly, it wasn't that long ago Milou turned two and started attending school. She loves it and has made quite a few friends. 

I always look forward to dropping her off to see the excitement on her face and how she can't wait to tell me what she has done that day when I return to pick her up.

The teachers at Milou's school have all done a wonderful job of helping Milou settling in and learning so much for the past few months. As a thank you, we made them some little gifts.

"thank you for watching me grow! Milou xo"


my little sunshine

beautifully captured by my huzbun

The tan will fade but my love for you will last forever. xo


playing dress up

What to do when it is a cold Winter day and you have a sick child? We played dress up and had a little fun photo shoot at home. This was taken on the first day of Chinese New Year. I would have liked to take them to check out the lion dance at our regular Chinese restaurant. Milou loved the lion dance when she saw it in Malaysia during our trip last year. I am sure little guy would love it too, maybe next year. 


3 today!

Our gorgeous boy is 3 today! It seems like Duke was only a puppy not so long ago. He has done a fair share of terrorising around the house but he has also brought lots of fun and enjoyment to the whole family. He is Milou's first best friend and always has so much love for us all. 

Happy Birthday big fluff ball! We love you Duke! xo