my mummy

 This is my mummy, who has sacrificed so much so I could chase my dreams. 

Love you! xo


her many firsts...

your smile creates a dream of possibilities
Milou at 5 months old

Milou and I spend almost 24/7 together, however I still worry sometimes that I may miss the very first time she crawls, walks, says her first word... I am so grateful that I get to spend a lot of precious time with Milou, learning from her everyday. It is amazing how a mother understands what her baby does not say and every little thing she does is magic! 

Here's a photograph from her first outdoor photoshoot taken at Hyde Park last month on Father's Day.


ever after honeymoon | Los Angeles

To love and to be loved must be one of the happiest thing in life.

Our ever after honeymoon trip started in Los Angeles, where we welcomed in the New Year. LA was so different from the other cities in the States that we have visited. First of all, meal portions were edible in size! We loved the healthy options on the menu too.

The weather was glorious everyday. It was definitely a nice change to have 20+ degrees celsius for Winter but the Christmas decorations did seem to be out of place without some bitterly cold temperature and snow.

We didn't spot any celebrities during our short 3 days stay in LA but enjoyed checking out the local farmer's market and had some delicious pastries at the celebrity's favourite Urth cafe on Melrose Avenue.

Check back soon for some pictures from our next stop - Big Island, Hawaii.


pleasant surprises

Camera: Vintage Lubitel 2
Film: expired Kodak E100G

This picture was converted to black and white in Photoshop, which I much prefer than the colour version. The vintage camera is a birthday present from my husband off eBay. It amazes me how a cheap piece of kit is capable of producing such beautiful images. 

We visit our local Aquadrome regularly and it is always so beautiful and tranquil regardless of the season. Our doggies love their walks there, occasionally our puppy Duke would sneak in for a quick dip in the lake. It is ever so popular for families on sunny days. 

I enjoy running around the lakes and had my last run there nearly a year ago when I just got pregnant with Milou. Tomorrow I will be joining a buggy fit class with other local mums and babies. Can't wait to get back into it!


3 months today!

It is hard to be believe James and I were waiting anxiously to meet our baby girl at Watford General Hospital only 3 months ago.

We are so proud to be Milou's parents. She is a sweet little girl who loves nothing more than a cuddle from her mummy and daddy.  We love her big brown eyes, chubby cheeks, button nose, pointy chin, squidgy bum and tiny toes. 

To us, Milou is the cutest girl in the world! 



Photo by my lovely husband, James

Another weekend nearly over. This year is definitely flying by!

This Sunday has been a very different Mother's Day from previous years as I am embracing the title of being a mummy!  It's weird that I still don't see myself as a mum even though I had an amazing little creature happily hibernating in my tummy for 39 weeks and 1 day and she is now almost 2 months old.

The journey has been absolutely incredible so far and I can't wait to spend many more wonderful times with my precious girl and little family.

Happy Mother's Day to my loving and beautiful mummy plus all the other extraodinary mums in the world!!

Fe xo


enjoying the outdoor

I uploaded this picture of Princess to the blog nearly a year ago but forgot to post it. She had been enjoying a bit of run about and some sunshine at the local Aquadrome. If you look closely you could see a leaf sticking out just under her chin. It is Princess' favourite thing to do running through a bunch of dried leaves. My little baby girl is turning 4 in July.


welcome to the world Milou ♥

Milou Chevelle Miles
1.12pm | 15.01.2013 | 7lbs 8ozs | 52cm
Picture taken at 4 days new

James and I have taken the parenthood plunge!

We are proud parents to a beautiful girl, Milou and still can't believe our good fortune even though it has been 2 weeks. It seems like we were just watching her kick and roll around inside my belly or touching her little foot under my skin not long ago; and now we have this sweet little girl right in front of us.

It is crazy how quickly the time passes; the clockwork of changing diapers, dealing with the feeding schedule, dressing and play time. It is amazing how much she changes every day. I often linger around her cot just in case I miss a cute facial expression or sound. 

I still haven't got over the fact that this wonderful creature is ours - FOR KEEPS! I love this new mum job and wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

Welcome to the world Milou ~ Love Mummy and Daddy xo