Sabah, Malaysia 2009

We spent one night at Selingan Turtle Island. It was absolutely amazing to see the laying eggs and hatchling process. We were so fortunate to have a chance to give a couple little turtles a helping hand to the sea

Local fishermen and pupil that I met during a lunch break on the way to Selingan Turtle Island. The sweet little girl in the middle is the second youngest child of the man on the right. He has 3 wives, 18 children and his youngest son is only 3.

Some lovely plants that I saw during the walks at the Kipungit Waterfall in Poring Hot Springs & Nature Reserve and at Sepilok Forest Edge Resort.

We visited the Proboscis Monkey and Orang Utan Sanctuary in Sandakan towards the end of our journey in Malaysia. It was amazing to be able to see all these lovely animals up close. In fact, I nearlly dropped my camera when a male Proboscis Monkey jumped on the hand rail of the platform about a metre away from me.

I definitely recommend the Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary where you get to feed the Silvered Leaf Monkey and watch the Hornbills following the keeper's whistle to collect their food from the platform.

As for the Orange Utan Sanctuary, the feeding platform is quite far away so bring your best binoculars and zoom lens! Try to go there on a weekday as there is most likely to be less children running around which can prevent the Orang Utans from appearing.

It was over 10 years ago when I first climbed Mt Kinabalu and I am very proud that I did it again! James and I took the scenic route via the Mesilau Trail and it was absolutely breathtaking. The first day was quite enjoyable and we just took our time. Then the tough bit was getting up around 1.30am the next day to start climbing up to the summit. Unfortunately I had altitude sickness and thought I would not be able to carry on at some points but we both made it to the top. I can't wait to get a frame to put up our well-earned certificates!

Magunatip, more well-known as “Bamboo Dance”, is considered as one of the most popular dances in Sabah. The name “Magunatip” is derived from the word “apit”, which means “to press between two surfaces.” In the dance, dancers need good timing and agility to put their feet between the clapping bamboo poles, without being trapped. Above is a short footage of James showing how it is done after a short 2 minutes lesson from the experts. :)


sunny afternoon

I set out to search for Poppy field last week but found Rapeseed field instead. It's a pleasant substitute and I had a lot of fun taking the pictures. Oh, I did find one little poppy among the rape plants.