my mummy, my hero

My mummy was a gentle soul and had the biggest heart. She always went out of her way to help others, be it family, friends or local faces; no matter what. She gave so much but never asked for anything in return. The best reward for her was when people enjoyed her delicious home cooked meals. I remember it well that she used to watch me eat when I was a kid and the little smile on her face from time to time. I now understand why since I have become a mum myself.
Mum was born in 1951. She grew up with her parents, two younger brothers and sister in a small town, Beaufort, which is located in Sabah, Malaysia. The beautiful Land Below the Wind! She always said she loved Sabah and we finally brought her home early this month. 
She was an early bird and always so efficient, she would have breakfast and lunches all prepared and washings plus some chores around the house all done by seven in the morning. Mum had a great interest in cooking; we were lucky to have all sort of wonderful meals prepared by mum. I was never thrilled to be dragged along to the cooking classes she attended growing up but changed my mind very quickly when I got to be the guinea pig to sample the delicious food she created. 
She always emphasized the importance of good education to us all and therefore worked extremely hard to send us abroad for further education. She might not have a university degree but she gave us important lessons in life. We learnt to be independent, caring, hard working, love unconditionally, respect the elders and have passion in what we do. These values have made me who I am today and I thank her so very, very much.
I will always remember our Chinese New Year together. She would let us chose the new outfits and shoes to buy, gave us a red envelope filled with new crisp money on the first day of New Year, she was always under control in the kitchen cooking up a storm for all the family and relatives. I will treasure the wonderful feeling of us all being together.
She loved to travel and see the world. I am glad we were able to share some lovely travel experiences together. I will always remember the day we brought her to the alps, she just got out of the chair lift and had the biggest grin and excitement on her face that I never seen before. She witnessed people on their skis and snowboards for the very first time! She also had her first snow ball fight in her life!
She was brought up in a Chinese traditional family, where the word love was never said to each other. However, she learnt and adapted so she would tell all her grandchildren often how much she loved them and missed them. Even up until her very last few weeks, she would try to give the grandchildren hugs regardless how frail she was. 
She was an incredibly determined and proud woman, who believed that there ware no obstacles that could not be overcome. She even learnt how to sign ‘I love you’ to the grandchildren.
Mummy, thank you for everything you had given us; and the wonderful memories we shared during our precious time together. She will be missed by all but her memory will live on in us all forever. I love you so much, mummy and will miss you more than words can say.