100 days old

Today we spent the day playing, cuddling and giggling
My heart was full watching you so peaceful in your sleep
Today is your first hundred day milestone
I will always be there when you are learning your way in the world

Mummy loves you lil man xo



My two cute lil bookworms. Marceau loves books just like his big sister. 



These two were so cute together. It was like watching the mini me and my sister when we were younger. I wish we live nearer to each other so we could have regular play dates. 


homemade gifts

I love nothing more than giving homemade gifts that both warm the heart and belly. Here is the Balsamic Fig and Red Onion chutney I made last Christmas.


it's been a while!

Time disappears rather quickly when it involves a husband, two kids and two dogs. 

It the last four weeks, both M+M have been sick on and off; my iMac hard drive failed on me and has just been replaced so I am very behind with my posts. On the positive note, my iMac is now running much faster and the kids are on the mend. 

We had a small quiet celebration to welcome the Chinese New Year a couple weeks ago. I couldn't resist doing a mini photo session of the kids at home. Looking forward to sharing the pictures with you.