week 12

week 12 | Delicious Autumn!

My apologies for the much neglected project 52. Up until September, my life evolved around our wedding planning and spending time with my family that I don't get to see very often. My camera gear was missing some serious TLC for far too long! 

I couldn't believe my luck when I decided to visit Painshill Park in Cobham on Friday and discovered the very last bit of Autumn colours were still on the trees. I was like a kid just got his sweets and ended up spending 6 hours at the park. By the time I left, the park was already closed. I had to climb over a drawbridge and then found the gate exiting the car park was locked!

Painshill Park is absolutely gorgeous and I imagine it is stunning all year round. I was really inspired by the exotic trees and scrubs in their different forms and colours. I am planning to visit again as soon as our first dump of snow! 

The garden covers 160 acres and it's staged around a large serpentine lake. There are surprises at every turn as the walk proceeds. There are a few spectacular sights such as the Gothic Temple, Chinese Bridge, Ruined Abbey, Grotto, a Turkish Tent, Gothic Tower and impressive giant waterwheel that made up the Hamilton landscapes.

They are currently offer free entry every Wednesday for the month of November, otherwise it is £6.60 per person. It is very easy to get to by either car, train or bus. Here's the link for some travel information. 

Hope you all had a lovely and cosy weekend. Will post more pictures from my little visit to Painshill Park soon.


let's do it...let's fall in love

Two months ago today, I married my handsome husband! 

We were very blessed to have some beautiful and awesome friends and family to share the day with us. It was a small gathering over a long weekend, where everyone got to enjoy each other's company.

A few of you might already know that I actually picked our photographer long before James proposed last December! Here is the link to the gorgeous work by the very talented Tec Petaja. Thank you for making us look good!

Thank you so much to those who made it and of course all your wonderful wishes from around the world. We couldn't have asked for a better day!

PS: In case you haven't seen it, here's the website that I built to share the news of our engagement and details related to the day.

Photo courtesy of my amazing friend, Gillian.