tim burton

It was a rare opportunity a couple years ago that I was in Paris for an overnight trip to meet up with my bff. After saying goodbye to her, I had a few hours to kill before my return journey to London on the Eurostar.

I was jumping with joy when I discovered the Tim Burton exhibition was on display at the La Cinematheque Francaise. It took an hour and half to queue for ticket so I could get a glimpse into the eccentric director's mind. You know what, it was well worth it!

The dark but romantic fairy tale of Edward Scissorhands introduced me to Tim Burton and Johnny Deep as a child, I have been a fan ever since. What was your first Tim Burton's film? 


the return of some greenery

Taken at Twin Lakes caravan site in Souméras, France 

I look forward to the return of some greenery to the surroundings soon. Everything looks a bit more exciting with some vibrant colours.


birthday cake

A birthday is not complete without a cake! Milou enjoyed blowing out candles for the first time. It was hard stopping her eating the cake during the mini photo session. 

PS: I will share the recipe the burnt sugar cake with maple syrup cream cheese frosting soon. It is simple to make and super yummy too!


first day at nursery

Milou's first day at the nursery fell on her second birthday. I brought in some cakes for her to share with her new friends. She really enjoyed the day and she didn't want to leave!


birthday girl

Milou's first day as a two year old! 


milou is two!

Twelve months ago we had a super amazing day of friends and family, music, dance, food and cake. Thank you to you all for making Milou's first birthday very special!

I have been thinking about all the milestones Milou has achieved for the past year, from walking to toddling to running like the wind; plus many other new skills like singing some of her favourite lullabies, feeding herself and dancing. It is pretty awesome!

There will be more achievements in the coming year and I know my baby girl will continue to make my heart burst with pride.

Happy second Birthday Milou!
Mummy and Daddy love you very much 

one more sleep

Milou gets to have a lil birthday celebration with her new friends at the nursery in the morning. We are then taking her out for lunch and picking her present.  


smiley lil girl

This girl loves to smile and they are very contagious! I am addicted to them as they fill my heart with love. 


birthday week

I am dedicating my posts this week to my baby girl who is turning two in three days time. Here she is at two days old soaking up some sunshine by the window at Watford General Hospital maternity ward.



Milou was born nearly two years ago when we had lots of snow hence it was quite nice to stay in the warmth and comfort of home for our confinement. This time round is harder when weather has been exceptionally nice and I am really missing the regular walks with the family. 

Just a few more days then Marceau and I can venture out for some fun!


puppy love

Duke, our other boy in the family. His first play in the garden when he was just over 8 weeks old. He may be little but has a big heart and loves nothing more than giving sloppy kisses!



Have I ever told you that I love to bake? Here is a cake that I baked for my mother in law's 65th birthday. I must remember to share the recipes with you in the future. 

My husband has decided to go gluten free for 100 days, which has made things a bit difficult for me. I have never baked with gluten free flour nor tried any gluten free recipes. 

Milou's second birthday is less than a week away, I should probably start researching for a gluten free red velvet cake recipe. Wish me luck!


baby tiffany ~ 3 months old

Baby photo shoots are so much fun. I can't wait to share more with you!


baby girl

This sweet little girl had her first trial day at the nursery today. Milou was 8 months old in this picture.



Meet Milou's cousin, Mylo who is a cheeky little darling that loves blowing kisses. I wish I can give him a cuddle everyday but I am thankful for Skype so I can see him when I want to.


thinking of you

My mum's first ever snow fight! Our road trip to the French alps for Christmas 2013 when mum was visiting us.


autumn days

These pictures were taken during mid November last year when most leaves would normally be gone weeks before that. I love the red and gold of Autumn and enjoy watching the leaves dancing on a windy day.


going home

It's finally time to go home after being at the hospital for 4 days. We were being looked after really well by all the nurses and midwives but we were ready to spend the first days of our lives together as a family.