week 03

week 03 | nature is beautiful

I remember when we were touring in Scotland last Summer and thought the beach pebbles were really pretty. I adore the lovely shapes and colours of each pebble. James had fun skimming the little flat ones across the water with a big smirk on his face whilst I struggled. We now have a little foot path along our garden filled with these beautiful pebbles. I can't wait for warmer days to come to kick start the first barbecue for the year. 


week 02

week 02 | gardening is fun

A week ago our garden was a pile of mud and concrete. We are fortunate to have a very talented gardener working hard for the past week to transform it into a little Japanese inspired garden that I have always wanted. 

These buxus balls were planted neatly along one side of the garden today. I love these little living sculptures. They should bring me lots of joy when it is time for a hair cut!



week 1 | a crackling new year
Hope you all had a very good 2010 and this year is full of wonderful surprises!

We celebrated Christmas at James parents' house in Dorset and had a great time. P got spoilt with gifts and enjoyed the extra attention from everyone. She would do anything for a bit of neck and tummy tickles!

New Year's Eve was a quiet one at home. Watching the fireworks on tv in the comfort of home definitely beats standing in the crowds and cold. For the past few days I have thought about what I achieved in 2010 as well as noted down a few things that I need to work on. Here is the list:

PS 365 I fell off the wagon half way through when I got involved in craft fairs and some other commitments. So I have challenged myself with something a bit more manageable this year, Project 52. I should be able to keep up with 52 photos a year!

* Stop procrastinating!
* Be an early bird
* Be a more loving person
* Work hard and play hard!

So cheers to the New Year and here's to another chance to get it right this time!