world book day

It was a real surprise for Milou to have her whole family joined her at school. James volunteered to read a story on the World Book Day. We thought choosing one of her favourite books, The Shark in the Dark would be most appropriate. 

I made her a shark outfit so she could dress as the character from the book. Little cheeky madam enjoyed dressing up and got into her character during the story; whilst Marceau was really content and enjoyed being surrounded by so many kids. 

James did a great job at story telling, even the teachers were engrossed the whole time!


tree climbing

On the very last day of adventure for Milou and Lucy, they spent it at a local park climbing trees. They both had a great time and shared many wonderful memories, till this day Milou still talks about it. 


happy mother's day

I am forever in debt to my mother for who I am today. Her gifts of strength, support and endless love are priceless and I hope to be able to pass them to Milou and Marceau as they are growing up. 

Happy Mother's Day to the best mummy in the world and all the mums out there. 

我爱你,妈咪! xoxo