london sea life . spell

It was Milou's first visit to an aquarium. There is something immeasurably enchanting about watching all these exotic fish. As you can see, the little fish has cast a spell on her.

birthday girl

Happy, happy birthday Sis! xoxo


london sea life . jellyfish

weird but beautiful



some see a weed . I see a wish


beach life

salt in the air . sand in my hair 



Let's rule the world but first, let's have coffee!



Happiness is taking a long warm bath until you are all wrinkly.



Play is the highest form of research . Albert Eistein



Milou loves the Aquadrome, which is only a five minute walk from our house. 

Her cute little face lights up when she discovers a tiny caterpillar or spots a heron resting by the trees or waits patiently whilst daddy picks wild blackberries for her. 

There she was soaking up the last rays from the sunset during our late evening walk. Outdoor classroom is her favourite and not all classrooms have four walls!



Rain or shine, this angel will always be there for her little brother.



We are ready to bring out the flip flops and shorts again. Spring must be just around the corner!


scotland . our little family

I shared this picture a while ago but couldn't resist posting it again. It is perfect as the final post on our adventure in Scotland. Thank you Scotland for all the precious and wonderful memories! Here we were waiting for our next adventure, the arrival of Marceau to complete our little family.


scotland . adventure

let's go on an adventure
we will get our walking boots on
and get lost somewhere


scotland . nature

study nature . love nature . stay close to nature


scotland . beach bums

This is their happy place, wind on their faces and sand on the feet.


happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! xo

scotland . chasing dolphins

Chanory Point in Inverness is the best place to spot Bottlenose Dolphins, however on this occasion we only saw about three dolphins for the hour we were there. The surrounding view was truly stunning so we didn't really mind. James was kept busy as Milou attempted to run into the sea a few times!


scotland . bunny g

Milou and bunny G have been inseparable from the first day they met. A special gift from her godmother 契媽.


scotland . venture in the woods

Duke and Milou had some fun exploring the gorgeous woods next to our caravan site.


scotland . puddles

These two could never resist jumping in the puddles! Well, the mud will wash off but the memories will last a lifetime.


scotland . rainy day

We stayed in for some quiet play doh fun on a rainy afternoon.


happy lunar new year 農歷新年快樂

Wishing all our friends and family the year of monkey is filled with good health, happiness and prosperity. May all your dreams come true!

scotland . duke

Photo courtesy of my husband, James 

Duke's first trip to Scotland. 


scotland . fish and chips

At the local fish and chips shop waiting for our lunch.


scotland . family picture

I think this is a pretty good effort for a family picture. Oh, I forgot I needed to be in the picture too!


scotland . where is Milou

Can you spot Milou?


scotland . plockton

Plockton is charming little village with less than 400 population. It is the perfect place for a stroll along the beach and some yummy fish and chips.


scotland. applecross inn

We had a cuppa at the Applecross Inn but ended up going for a hike so we could return later for dinner. The food looked too amazing to miss! The view from our table wasn't too shabby either. 

Each dish was cooked to perfection and everything was so fresh that you could almost taste the sea water. We were gobsmacked by Milou's special order of pan friend fish with green cost £3.50! The same amount of broccoli side that we normally order for Milou from some restaurants our way is about £5.50. 

The staff was very attentive and friendly, one of the reasons we like visiting to Scotland. It was always a bonus that Princess and Duke were welcome. We wish there were more pet friendly restaurants or cafes in England. 


scotland . raft race

These guys were such good sports, braving the cold in their neat little numbers.


scotland . applecross

Applecross is home to a couple of hundred of people and it is a place you will never forget your journey there. It is not the easiest place to get to but the view through out the journey will make you want to do the trip again in the near future. 

We happened to be visiting on the day of their annual raft race. There was live band, delicious BBQ, friendly locals and the regulars that come every year; the atmosphere was just fantastic. However, we chose to eat at their famous Applecross Inn to stay away from the killer gale force wind.

Here is a picture from the search and rescue team in action. It highlights how these skilled professionals save the lives of those in danger both on land and sea. It was amazing to be about to see this live exercise. It is truly remarkable of what they do. 


scotland. stay

They may be buddies but Milou is very protective of her food. ;) She was very vigilant and  made sure Duke stayed away at a safe distance whilst she had her biscuits.