week 09

week 09 | Easter fun

According to the Sunday Times, this Easter is the hottest ever! It reached about 27°C where we live. I am not a fan of hot weather but do enjoy a bit of sunshine. The garden has been our permanent hang out place this weekend. We have had neighbours over for a late evening gathering, meals and enjoyed reading the Sunday papers. 

Every year, James and I celebrate Easter by the mean of over indulging in giant chocolate eggs. I wanted to be slightly healthier this year and attempted in making hot cross buns. The buns might not have been pretty but they were definitely tasty!

As you can see, I couldn't help putting up a picture inspired by Easter. Some of you might wonder what kind of egg this is. Well, it's a Chinese Century egg! Hope you are all having a great weekend with your friends and family.


birthday tradition

12th birthday
ps: my hairstyle's definitely improved since then! :)

Every family has their own tradition way in celebrating birthdays. What is yours? 

Growing up, my family was not big on birthday presents but mum always made sure everyone had a birthday cake on their special day. There would also be some red tinted hard boiled eggs, coconut flavoured agar-agar (a vegetarian alternative to gelatine) and mum's yummy cooking. 

It was my birthday yesterday and I realised I have only celebrated my birthday with mum twice in nearly 20 years! I really miss her and the sweet little things she does for us. My fiancĂ© has finally taken on the tradition and did a wonderful job in making my day extra special. (Yes, darling. 10 out of 10!) I will definitely carry on this little tradition in our family.

Once again, thank you all for the lovely gifts and messages. I had a smashing time!

Fe xo