st patrick's day

Happy St Patrick's Day to all the Irish as well as those who are Irish at Heart!! This is a day that has come to be associated with everything Irish, from anything green to shamrock and luck. It is also a time for bit of Irish music, food and fun! So I have dedicated a green theme collage to celebrate this special day.

1. I love a cuppa after some cakes.
2. James in his green t-shirt 
3. Daffodils from my garden 4. An elephant tea light bought from a Thai restaurant
4. An elephant tea light that I bought from a Thai restaurant
5. My favourite Japanese bath salt
6. Some cotton threads on a vintage hankerchief
7. A few of stationeries that you can find on my desk. I have had the pencil case for 2 decades! 
8. My favourite pair of shoes.
9. Books that I have on my shelf