Spring is just around the corner!

The day everyone has been waiting for is nearly here! It was just gorgeous with sunshine throughout the day and my Daffodils should blossom in a week or two just in time for the first day of Spring. I was so excited that I had only a t-shirt, short sleeve big knit jumper and jeans on when going into town this afternoon. It was slightly chilly around the arms but I didn't care and had enough of wrapping up like a mummy. 

I wanted to enjoy the most of the sunshine and decided to venture out to the near by farmland. I drove pass the area numerous times and always wanted to take some pictures of it. Today couldn't have been a better day to explore this beautiful place. 

Spring is such a nice time of the year to kick start the New Year resolutions that have been forgotten, clear out the old clothes that you are still hogging on years after years, enjoy some healthy habits like walking or just simply smile more often!