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Our journey to Malaysia last Summer had a bitter sweet memory as we also attended my grandma's funeral. She passed away just days before we left London. 

I took my little family to see where I used to spend a lot of my weekends growing up. My grandparents owned the grocery store with the purple gates for most of their lives. I loved visiting them even though the car journey is one and half hours from where we lived. I would play on those steps or paddling in a little dinghy 'sampan' whenever there was a flood. 

My grandad would get up before five in the morning to do some exercise at the nearby field. I used to join him then help with opening the shop for business at half past five. I think we were always the first! By the time we finished setting up, grandma would be back from the local market with my favourite breakfasts and some amazing local produce for dinner that night. She would always make sure she went to the market early so my favourite locally made tofu wouldn't be sold out. 

My grandma is in a better place now with my grandad but it still makes me sad when I think of them. I miss you, Gung Gung and Poh Poh.