1st birthday . birthday boy

Birthday boy. I can't believe this picture was taken from six months ago. Marceau has achieved since then:

                        -  he now runs everywhere!
                        -  can do simple signing such as thank you, please, down and spider
                        -  uses utensils to feed himself
                        -  can say daddy, mummy, jie jie (big sis), the dogs' names, gou gou (dog)
                        -  bear-hug is his specialty
                        -  enjoys reading 
                        -  loves dinosaurs and Lego
                        -  weighs 10.62 kg
                        -  82.5cm in height
                        -  has 12 teeth
                        -  broccoli, cheese, tomatoes, pork bone soup, waffles are his favourite food
                        -  likes tickling big sister
                        -  dances like there is no tomorrow