childhood love affair

love what you do now
love what you do forever

What was your favourite toy or a hobby that you had as a child? Barbie, plush toys or tea sets were never on my wish list but I have always enjoyed taking photographs for as long as I can remember. Apart from the occasional shots taken with my dad's Nikon FE slr, I had lots of fun using the Kodak 35mm self-wind camera that my uncle gave me back in the 80s.

I love the accessibility and convenience of a digital camera, however film has always been my first love. There are many fond memories from using the Kodak, whether it was a a double exposure by accident or the anticipation of waiting for my films to be processed at the 1 hour photo shop.

Three years ago, I splashed out and spent £70 on a Holga. A camera that is made of plastic! It is the most fun toy ever and it got me back into film again. My collection now consists a mini Diana and Lubitel 2 that I received as gifts,  I have since then also bought a couple of Kodak brownies from a vintage shop for a tenner, a Nikon F5 and a Mamiya 645. The pictures above are from the very first roll of film that I shot recently with the Mamiya and I am on cloud nine!

There are so many other temptations these days that we easily take things or people for granted. Why not just slow down and spend sometime doing what you love but have not done for a while.