week 12

week 12 | Delicious Autumn!

My apologies for the much neglected project 52. Up until September, my life evolved around our wedding planning and spending time with my family that I don't get to see very often. My camera gear was missing some serious TLC for far too long! 

I couldn't believe my luck when I decided to visit Painshill Park in Cobham on Friday and discovered the very last bit of Autumn colours were still on the trees. I was like a kid just got his sweets and ended up spending 6 hours at the park. By the time I left, the park was already closed. I had to climb over a drawbridge and then found the gate exiting the car park was locked!

Painshill Park is absolutely gorgeous and I imagine it is stunning all year round. I was really inspired by the exotic trees and scrubs in their different forms and colours. I am planning to visit again as soon as our first dump of snow! 

The garden covers 160 acres and it's staged around a large serpentine lake. There are surprises at every turn as the walk proceeds. There are a few spectacular sights such as the Gothic Temple, Chinese Bridge, Ruined Abbey, Grotto, a Turkish Tent, Gothic Tower and impressive giant waterwheel that made up the Hamilton landscapes.

They are currently offer free entry every Wednesday for the month of November, otherwise it is £6.60 per person. It is very easy to get to by either car, train or bus. Here's the link for some travel information. 

Hope you all had a lovely and cosy weekend. Will post more pictures from my little visit to Painshill Park soon.