an afternoon in Cookham

J + P patiently waited for me whilst I took picture of someone's lost shoe
I can't believe we are nearly half way through May already! James recently got this new app ~ The Most Amazing Places to Walk in Britain by Reader's Digest on his phone. We found this track not far from us in Cookham and we gave it a go last Sunday. There is a car park just past the Crown pub at the end of the village. We started off along the Thames, where there were many people taking advantage of the weather out on their sailing boats. It was so fascinating to watch and frightening at times when the sailors were caught off guard with the tremendous strong wind and their boats capsized. P kept herself busy and amused herself by getting tickles from every person she met along the way. Have I told you she is a sucker for attention?

Along the track, there are plenty of mega bucks houses on the other side of the river whilst some more humble and sweet cottages on the side we were walking along. There is a pub named the Bounty about 45 minutes from the car park. It was very busy and it looked like the only access was on foot or by boat.

After walking past a farm, we had to take a left turn towards a golf course up on the hill. There are 3 options when you get to the junction; to the right it would take you around the golf course or left towards the car park or up the hill where you have an amazing view of the Thames valley and its surroundings.

All in all, the walk took just under one and half hour at a leisurely pace with plenty of time for pictures of course! According to the app, the route around the golf course is about two and half hours. We rewarded ourselves with some delicious lunch at the Crown pub down the road. They pride themselves in using local produce and offer a great selection of food but no Sunday roast? I must admit the scampi and chips I had tasted very fresh and yummy! We were both impressed our pint of beer stayed chilled until the very last drop. One last note, do bring some cash with you on the walk as we were gutted to watch everyone else enjoying their ice cream on the benches.

Fingers crossed for some gorgeous weather again this weekend so you can maybe give this track a go. James, P and I definitely want to venture on another track around the area.