week 04

week 04 | inner beauty

Hello and happy Sunday! 

My macro lens has looked so beautiful being displayed in a cupboard since I got it a few months ago. Deep down I thought if I studied enough macro shots as a result my pictures would improve somehow. I neglected the fun aspect of experimenting with a new lens and the possibilities that it can achieve.

With the weather being so grim this morning, it was the perfect opportunity for some indoor still life shots. The new miniature orchid that I bought from the local supermarket last week came in handy. I am generally far more comfortable taking pictures of people and P and get bored easily with the set up process for a still life. However, I really wanted to share with you the beauty of this little orchid the way I see it. 

I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.


Leighann Lacey said...

Oh Fiona! It's gorgeous : ) You should get your macro out more often. xxx

Fe said...

Thanks Leighann! Will try to get James to buy me flowers more often as an incentive. :)